There are currently nine members of the International Latino Gang Investigator's Association board, each of whom is a current or retired member of the law enforcement or corrections community in good standing. 

In addition to the Board Members (Directors), whose responsibilities include voting on matters of business, the ILGIA has a Legal Advisor as well as various members to serve specific needs.  These members serve  as part of the ILGIA Special Committee and as Regional Representatives in  various parts of the country. 

As the need arises, new Special Committee positions and Regional Representatives will be appointed appropriately.

Board Members

George Norris

George Norris retired from the Prince George’s County (MD) Police Department at the rank of Sergeant after a career of nearly thirty years.  During his career he supervised his department’s Gang Intelligence Unit for approximately fifteen years as well as other assignments including Narcotics Enforcement, Robbery Suppression, and as a Task Force Officer with both the ATF and U.S. Customs.  Norris, a court-certified expert on the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang, was also a founding member for the ATF Regional Area Gang Enforcement Task Force (RAGE).  He continues to provide instruction on Mara Salvatrucha and other gang-related topics.

Joe Preciado
Vice President

Joe Preciado retired from the United States Border Patrol at the rank of Agent after a twenty-five-year career.  He patrolled the Southwest Border of San Luis, Arizona during which time he regularly encountered human traffickers, transportation cells, and drug traffickers.  During his career, Preciado also served in a number of assignments including the Southwest Border Alliance Narcotic Task Force, the FBI Safe Streets Gang Task Force in Yuma, AZ, and the ICE National Gang Task Force.  He is credited with establishing the first gang training program for the United States Border Patrol and he continues to provide specialized training to the law enforcement and correctional communities in the United States and abroad.

Andrew Eways

Andrew Eways has been a sworn police officer with the Aurora (CO) Police Department since 2011.  Prior to that, he served with the Maryland State Police in several capacities for approximately seventeen years.  During his career he has served in the fields of Criminal Investigations, Organized Crime, Homeland Security, and Gang Enforcement.  He has conducted and supervised covert investigations, street-level gang and narcotic operations, and Title III Wiretap Investigations.  He has testified as an expert witness in several gang-related cases ranging from drug conspiracies to homicides.  He provides law enforcement instruction in various topics across the country.

Scott Barfield

Scott Barfield has been a sworn police officer with the Renton (WA) Police Department since 2006.  Scott has served in multiple capacities to include Patrol Operations, Special Enforcement Team, Valley Gang Unit, Task Force Officer with an HSI Gang Unit, and currently with the Investigations Division. While serving in the gang units he conducted numerous operations including covert investigations and street-level gang and narcotic operations. Prior to working with the Renton Police Department, Barfield served in the United States Army as an Military Police Officer and later as a Military Police Investigators.  In the latter position he conducted investigations into gang activity in the Military, and later provided training on this topic to law enforcement across the United States.

Todd DePalma
Sergeant at Arms

Todd De Palma’s law enforcement career began in 1993 when he served in the San Bernardino County (CA) Sheriff’s Reserve Unit.  In 1996 he became an Associate Probation Officer with San Bernardino County until 2000 when he was appointed as a Federal Correctional Officer with the Bureau of Prisons where he continues to serve.  DePalma is recognized nationally as an authority on Sureño gangs and the Mexican Mafia.  He has provided training to the law enforcement and correctional communities across the United States and abroad.  Additionally, DePalma has been referenced in several books and publications on Hispanic gangs and co-authored a non-fiction book entitled Impireros:  Sureño Gangs and the Inland Empire. 

Teresa Moreno
Board Member
Merchandise Manager

Teresa Moreno joined the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in March of 2006 where she continues to serve as a Correctional Officer.  Officer Moreno currently works at the CDCR's San Quentin State Prison where she is assigned to one of three death row housing units.  In 2016, Officer Moreno was appointed to the position of Merchandise Manager for the International Latino Gang Investigator's Association and has since been elected as an ILGIA Board Member as well.

Steve Duncan retired from the California Department of Justice as a Special Agent after a twenty-year career.  Prior to his service with California DOJ, Duncan spent twelve years as a Probation Officer with San Diego (CA) County and was the first-ever probation officer to be assigned to a DEA Narcotics Task Force.  During his thirty-two years in law enforcement, Duncan’s has investigated efforts focused on the investigation of the most the most violent criminals in the United States and Mexico. He has repeatedly testified in various jurisdictions an expert on street gangs, prison gangs, and Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations.  Duncan is also a past President of the International Latino Gang Investigator's Association.

Steve Duncan
Board Member
West Coast Training Coordinator

Alex Cruz has served as a sworn law enforcement officer for the past twenty-nine years.  During that time, he served with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department as an Officer, Detective, and Sergeant.  Cruz spent twelve of those years in the LVMPD Gang Unit and FBI Safe Streets Gang Task Force.  He is currently a Detective Sergeant with the Moapa Band of Paiutes Tribal Police.

Alex Cruz
Board Member
Las Vegas Regional Representative
Orlando Ybarra
Board Member

Orlando A. Ybarra is a retired Lieutenant with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.  In a career of more than thirty years, Ybarra has first-hand experience in Criminal Justice Operations, Programs and Services.  He has worked at an International level as a trainer and advisor in Correctional Operations and Security Threat Groups in Mexico, Guatemala, and North Africa.

Jim McDougal
Legal Advisor

Jim McDougal serves as a Deputy City Attorney with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, and has served in their Gang Unit since 1996. McDougal teaches police and prosecutors gang enforcement and prosecution, including LAPD’s Basic Gang School, and their advanced Gang Investigation Course, as well as teaching graffiti enforcement and prosecution. McDougal has taught throughout California, in 15 other states and the District of Columbia, as well as in El Salvador and Honduras. Before becoming a prosecutor, McDougal practiced law at a large corporate law firm. Prior to law school, McDougal served in the United States Marine Corps.

Special Committee

West Coast Training Coordinator                    Steve Duncan, California Department of Justice (Ret.)

East Coast Training Coordinator                     Guilda Tavarez, Westchester County (NJ) Probation

Merchandise Manager                                     Teresa Moreno, California Department of Corrections



Regional Representatives

Santa Clara County (Northern California)             David Villalon, Santa Clara County Department of Probation

Los Angeles County (Southern California)           Vacant

San Diego County (Southern California)              Vacant

Las Vegas Metropolitan Area                                Alex Cruz, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Ret.)

Nebraska                                                               Matilda Serna, Nebraska Department of Corrections

New Jersey                                                            Angel Tellado, Vineland (NJ) Police Department

New York                                                              Idi Guity, New York Department of Corrections

Advisory Board

Tony "Pacman" Moreno                                     Los Angeles Police Department (Ret.)

Richard Valdemar                                               Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (Ret.)

Lou Savelli                                                         New York City Police Department (Ret.)

Edwin Santana                                                   Morris County (NJ) Sheriff's Office

Chris Blatchford                                                 Fox News (Ret.)

Brian Parry                                                         California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (Ret.)

Joe Salazar                                                          San Francisco Police Department

Orlando Ybarra                                                   California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (Ret.)

Frank "Paco" Marcell                                          Maricopa County Sheriff's Department (Ret.)