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Steve Duncan is a retired Special Agent of California Department of Justice. He spent 20 years with CALDOJ, retiring in December 2016. Prior to CALDOJ, he was a Probation Officer for the San Diego County Probation Department for 12 years and was the first probation officer in San Diego history to formally work on a Drug Enforcement Administration Narcotics Task Force. During his 32 years in law enforcement, his efforts focused on the investigation of the most violent criminals in the United States and Mexico. He is an expert on street gangs, prison gangs and Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations.


Vice President

George Norris


Scott Barfield


Scott Barfield has been a sworn police officer with the Renton (WA) Police Department since 2006.  Scott has served in multiple capacities to include Patrol Operations, Special Enforcement Team, Valley Gang Unit, TFO with Homeland Security Investigations Gang Unit and currently with the Investigations Division. While serving in the gang units he conducted covert investigations, street-level gang and narcotic operations. Prior to working with the Renton Police Department he served in the US Army as an MP where he finished his career as Military Police Investigator (MPI). While working for MPI he investigated Gangs in the Military and eventually traveled around the country where he educated law enforcement on the growing issue. Scott has been featured on Gangland, CNN, Fox News and Drugs Inc.



Sgt. George Norris (RET.)


Sgt. George Norris most recently was assigned to the Anne Arundel County, Maryland, State Attorney’s office, as a Gang investigator/analyst. He was a supervisor on the Prince George’s County Police Department’s Gang Intelligence Unit, based in Landover, Maryland, for approximately 15 years prior.


Sgt. Norris has been a police officer in Prince George’s County since June 19, 1989.  Sgt. Norris held a variety of positions within the Prince George’s County Police Department, including patrol officer, patrol supervisor, community policing officer, community policing supervisor, special assignment team member, special assignment team supervisor, narcotics enforcement team supervisor and robbery suppression team supervisor, ATF Task Force Officer and US. Customs Task Force Officer.  In April 2003, he was one of the founding members and a supervisor on the Prince George’s County Police Department’s Gang Unit and was one of several people involved in constructing, planning and implementing the unit.  He was also one of several people involved in constructing, planning and implementing the ATF Regional Area Gang Enforcement (R.A.G.E.) Task force. Sgt. Norris also was one of the original members and founders of the Prince George’s County GRIPP Program (Gang Resistance Intervention and Prevention Partnership).


Sgt. Norris has worked with Gang members often and has been involved in the investigations, arrests and prosecutions of many gang members and associates.  He has received specialized gang training from numerous organizations around the world to include the United States, Canada, Honduras, El Salvador and England.  He is currently a member of the Mid Atlantic Regional Gang Investigators Network (M.A.R.G.I.N.), The East Coast Gang Investigators Association (E.C.G.I.A.), The North Carolina Gang Investigators Association (N.C.G.I.A.), The California Gang Investigators Association (C.G.I.A.), The Virginia Gang Investigators Association (V.G.I.A.), The International Latino Gang Investigators Association (I.L.G.I.A.)(Vice President), The New Jersey Gang Investigators Association (N.J.G.I.A.)(Mid Atlantic Rep), The Orange County Gang Investigators Association (O.C.G.I.A.), The South Carolina Gang Investigators Association (S.C.G.I.A.) and The Fraternal Order of Police #89(F.O.P.). 


Sgt. Norris has given many training courses on gang recognition and awareness, deciphering gang tattoos and graffiti, personal safety while dealing with gangs, recent gang trends and daily operations, and other gang related topics.  These courses have been taught to police officers, prosecutors, school staff, citizens and community leaders across the country, and from other countries, including El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Nicaragua and Mexico.  Sgt. Norris has been recognized or interviewed by multiple media outlets, with regards to Latino Gangs and other gang related information, to include The British Broadcasting Company (BBC), CNN, WJLA TV 7, WRC TV 4, WUSA TV 9, WJZ TV 13, NEWS CHANNEL 8, Gangland TV Series, The Gazette Newspaper, The Diamondback Newspaper, The Washington Post, The Washington Examiner, The Baltimore Sun, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Journal News Paper, POLICE Magazine, Newsweek Magazine, National Geographic, German National Radio, TIME, and WAMU Radio.




Sgt. Norris has been accepted and testified numerous times, approximately 35 times, in The US District Court, Virginia, and Maryland Courts, as an expert on Mara Salvatrucha 13 and Gangs in General.  Sgt. Norris has received awards from The Governor of Maryland’s Commission on Hispanic Affairs, The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, The United States Attorneys Office, Numerous from The Washington Metropolitan Council of Governments, The Apartment Owners Business Association and numerous awards and commendations from the Prince George’s County Police Department, other agencies, citizens groups and individuals.  Many of these awards and commendations have been for his work in the Gang and Narcotics fields.


Andrew Eways has been a sworn police officer with the Aurora (CO) Police Department since 2011.  Prior to that, he served with the Maryland State Police in several capacities for approximately seventeen years including Field Operations, Criminal Investigations, Organized Crime, Homeland Security, and Gang Enforcement.  He has conducted and supervised covert investigations, street-level gang and narcotic operations, and Title III Wiretap Investigations.  He has testified as an expert witness in several gang-related cases ranging from drug conspiracies to homicides.  Eways also co-authored two books; Mara Salvatrucha, Eighteenth Street, and Other Sureño Gangs Across America, and Impireros: Sureño Gangs and the Inland Empire; both of which are available online through Police and Fire Publishing.  He provides law enforcement instruction in various topics across the country.


SGT at Arms

Joe Preciado


Joe Preciado served with the United States Border Patrol for 25 years entering on duty September 11, 1988 – January 10, 2014. Agent Preciado patrolled the Southwest Border of San Luis, Arizona and during that time he regularly encountered human smugglers, transportation cells, deceased subjects, abandoned drug loads and drug “mules” while patrolling desolate areas of the Arizona/Sonoran Desert. 

Over the years, he has provided training for numerous conferences and agencies on Violence along the Border that is currently occurring on the Southwest border of the U.S. and has spread throughout the United States. He has also instructed internationally as a regular law enforcement instructor at the International Law Enforcement Training Academy (ILEA) in San Salvador, El Salvador. The International Law Enforcement Training Academy provides training to professionals in law enforcement from the countries of Central America, South America and the Caribbean. Has also provided training in Mexico, Honduras and Brazil to their local law enforcement agencies.  


  • Credited with starting the first gang training program for U.S. Border Patrol Yuma Sector.This training is provided to all incoming probationary Border Patrol Agents.

  • Co-founding member of the Yuma County Intel/Gang Investigators Share Group.

  • Executive Board Member of International Latino Gang Investigators Association, and a member of various gang investigator associations.

  • Initiated the first annual Yuma Gang Conference (2008 – 2016).This training brought together the premier speakers in the United States regarding gangs on the southwest border.

  • Provided information regarding his experiences which have appeared on ABC Nightline, Law Enforcement and Correctional Publications.

​Special Assignments:

Southwest Border Alliance Narcotic Task Force, Yuma, AZ, 1998 - 1999

Department of Homeland Security Situation Room, Washington D.C.  2003

ICE National Gang Unit, Washington D.C. 2008 - 2009

FBI Safe Streets Gang Task Force, Yuma, AZ, 2010- 2013

Since 2004 he has provided training to over 18,000 Border Patrol Agents and other law enforcement personnel in four different countries. 


Jim McDougal

Legal Advisor



Jim McDougal serves as a Deputy City Attorney with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, and has served in their Gang Unit since 1996. Mr McDougal teaches police and prosecutors gang enforcement and prosecution, as well as graffiti enforcement and prosecution. Before becoming a prosecutor, Mr McDougal practiced law at a large corporate law firm. Prior to law school, Mr McDougal served in the United States Marine Corps.


Training Coordinator

Todd DePalma


Todd De Palma started his career in 1993 with the San Bernardino Co. Sheriff’s Dept. in the Volunteer/Reserve Unit until 1996 when he started as An Associate Probation Officer with the San Bernardino Co. Probation Dept. Adult Services. In 2000 Todd started as a Correctional Officer with the Federal Bureau of Prisons where He has been stationed in Southern California for the past 19 years.  Todd has been featured on the History Channel’s Gangland Shoot to Kill series, and has had his Video Interviews on Prison gang based topics published on both Correctionsone.com and the Policeone.com online Training Academy   Todd has lectured at several law enforcement agencies, gang conferences including internationally at the U.S. Embassy Mexico City as well as numerous Correctional Academies and College Criminal Justice Programs.  Todd is referenced in numerous books published on Hispanic gangs, and is the Co-Author of The book Empireros ( Sur-13 and the Inland Empire).  He is featured in a brief roll as a Detective in a true story “Mundo The Movie”  Since  2007 Todd has served on the Board  of The International Latino Gang Investigators Association (ILGIA). Currently as a Training Coordinator. He is credited with starting the first ILGIA Inland Empire Annual Gang Symposium, which, he continues to successfully coordinate every May in Ontario California. 

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